martes, 16 de febrero de 2016

Moonlight or Dangerous Woman?

     Hi! I'm Lucía and today I'm going to explain something that is puzzling us, the arianators.
We thought that Ariana's new album is going to be called 'Moonlight', but then, she posted a photo in which she was with a sweatshirt that says ...'RO'...'MAN' and then, she posted another one in which said 'DW', so now we don't know what's is going to be it's name, if 'Dangerous Woman' or 'Moonlight'. Here is the photo in which she's wearing the sweatshirt I told you about.

     The only thing we know is that is going to be her new single called 'Focus', that is a success, here's the link for you to see her performance in the AMA'S. I don't know where did I heard this gossip, but maybe in her new album is going to be a song that she had in her first album, called 'Honeymoon Avenue', but on the first one we think it's the acoustic version, and in her new album, it's going to be the electric one. Here's the acoustic one:

     I wish you liked this article about this interesting and confusing mystery.

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