domingo, 21 de febrero de 2016

My Passion Is Music!

Hello, I'm Naiara and I'm going to tell you about my passion for the music. This passion began when I was a child. I was only four years old when a film changed my life. It was called High School Musical. This film marked my childhood and it made me realize how important the music for me is. Because of its fame in 2006, they made two other parts in 2007 and 2008. Thanks to these films I started to dance and sing.


The most famous songs are: Breaking Free, Start Of Something New, Get'cha Head In The Game, Everyday, What I've Been Looking For or Can I Have This Dance, but my favourite one is I Just Wanna Be With You because this song gives me a lot of feelings. Here you have the video of this song.

There are rumors that a new movie will come out, High School Musical 4. The story will talk about the life of the main characters in the University. The High School Musical fans are very happy to hear about this news. If you want to know more about this, click here. Thank you for your attention.

jueves, 18 de febrero de 2016

A great singer, David Bustamante

Hello! I´m Elisabeth and I´m going to talk about David Bustamante Hoyos. He was born in Cantabria the 25 of March in 1982.
He is a pop singer, his first show was when he has twelve years old. He participed in Operación Triunfo,  he was finalist. In 2002 he was candidate  for Eurovisión. He was participated in many televisión programmes.
He has got eight albums: Bustamante in 2002, Así soy yo in 2003, Caricias al alma in 2005, Pentimiento in 2006, Al filo de la irrealidad in 2007, A contra corriente in 2010, Mío in 2011 and Vivir in 2014.
In 2015 he had a tour for all Spain. Now he is  recording his new album.
Here you have a picture of him.

He is one of my favourites singers. My favourite song for his is Dos hombres y un destino,  that sings wiht Àlex Casademunt in 2002. This song is from his first álbum. Bustamante. My opinion is that Bustamante is a great  Singer and have got a beautiful voice. 
Here you have my favourite song.

If you want to know, you can see here.
I hope you liked it a lot!

miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2016

Zara Larsson A Great Singer

Zara Maria Larsson was born in Estocolmo, Sweden in 1997.It is know as Zara Larsson. She is famous because when she was young, she participed in a talent show called "Talang" in 2008. She interpreted four songs "One moment in time", "the greatest love of all"and "A moment like this" of Whitney Houston, and "My heart will go on" of Céline Dion. She won the talent show with only ten years.Also she won a travel for meat Justin Bieber.In the year 2013 she recorded her song "Under my shades".In October of 2014, she got out her debut album called "1" edited through TEN Music Group. She recibed for her album a platinum disc in Sweden.

 The 1 of June of 2015, she opened her new single "Lush life" in Youtube. With this single she achieved her second number one in the lists of hits of Sweden. You can look the single in this video.
In this link  you can find more information about Zara Larsson.
I hope you liked it. Bye.

A person with a gift

                 Hello! I´am Raul and I´m going to do a blog on Martin Garrix.
                 Martin Garrix is a person who does a good music, but he no
                 sing. I like Martin Garrix because he does a lively music.
                I started hear does a years ago and I fell in love with their music.
                here you have a picture for him.                                                                                                            
                   He born in Netherland in 1996. He is a young talent beacuse only
                   have a 20 years ago. The song wiht wich he became famous called animals.
                   A song that went around the world and includes numerous song.                        
                   If you want to know  more about Martin Garrix visit this page.
                   Here I leave the song``Animals´´

Adele is fantastic

Hi! I am Rocio and  I going to talh about adele. 
Adele was born in England on the 5th of may 1988.
She now is singer and british composer. She was discovered  when her friend went up a demo on Myspace .So In 2008 she came out her first disc 19, she bought more of six million copies in the world. 
In 2011 left her second disc and her name was 21. Her best-selling single rolling in the deep wrote in rage after break up with boyfriend.
In 2013 wont THE OSCAR´S for sky fall song.
in 2015 came to light the third album 25  with the sing  Hello. She entered the top of the charts in more than 20 countries. 

this is the sing HELLO       


Adele hasn´t got a personal web but her fans have got one, and you wanna get a fan is this page 


Hi everyone!

My name is Daniel and I going to telk about a spanish singer called Pablo López. He was born in Málaga, but he lived in Fuengirola. He is famous because he was finalist in Operación Triunfo in 2008. He done the sing of TV series El Principe. His last disc called El mundo y tu enemigo with the singer Juanes and won the gold disc.

He colaborated as assistant of the voices kids.

Here I leave an image of his

Here I leave a video of his

Here I leave a linkage to you know more on this singer

martes, 16 de febrero de 2016

Moonlight or Dangerous Woman?

     Hi! I'm Lucía and today I'm going to explain something that is puzzling us, the arianators.
We thought that Ariana's new album is going to be called 'Moonlight', but then, she posted a photo in which she was with a sweatshirt that says ...'RO'...'MAN' and then, she posted another one in which said 'DW', so now we don't know what's is going to be it's name, if 'Dangerous Woman' or 'Moonlight'. Here is the photo in which she's wearing the sweatshirt I told you about.

     The only thing we know is that is going to be her new single called 'Focus', that is a success, here's the link for you to see her performance in the AMA'S. I don't know where did I heard this gossip, but maybe in her new album is going to be a song that she had in her first album, called 'Honeymoon Avenue', but on the first one we think it's the acoustic version, and in her new album, it's going to be the electric one. Here's the acoustic one:

     I wish you liked this article about this interesting and confusing mystery.

domingo, 14 de febrero de 2016

María Isabel : A singer of Huelva

Maria Isabel was born on january 4 , 1995 in Huelva. She is singer, actress, model, and presenter. when she was little she went to junior eurovision festival, which represent Spain and won with the song Antes muerta  que sencilla. 
In 2004 released his first album entitled No me toques las palmas que me conozco.  
In his hometown Ayamonte did a park with his sculpture.  In 2015 returns to music with a new single titled  La Vida Solo Es Una . 
In December 2015 it was announced that Maria Isabel is uns of the candidates to represent Spain in the Eurovisión , where she finished fourth under Xuso Jones.

Here you have a photo of Maria Isabel


Here you have the video  of  La Vida Solo Es Una

The Latin Americans Gente De Zona

Hello my name is Carlos. And I will go to speak on Gente De Zona.
Gente De Zona are a group formed by Alexander Delgado and Jacob Forever.
The song with more success for me I believe that it is La Gozadera because I arouse excitement all the Latin Americans naming to everything the countries of South America.
Here I leave the song to you be if you like.

The song La Gozadera also sings it Marc Anthony who is an American singer who is very famous in
its fatherland Puerto Rico.
Marc Anthony also another song with the Gente De Zona is called to fact a Traidora to bulging does very little.
I have chosen this song because I like its songs and as they sing.
Here I leave a link for you can learn more about Gente de Zona and Marc Anthony.

sábado, 13 de febrero de 2016

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes is a Canadian singer of seventeen years but with a very good voice for his age.For me it is one of my favorite singers because his songs are of all types: of love,happiness.....etc.

I met her songs because the favorite song of my friend is "Something Big" that is the most famous song of this singer and when I heard the song I loved because it has a lot of rhythm and the lyrics are very motivating.
When I got to know more about him and his music,I heard his first disc and I was amazed because all the lyrics he had written so young.
This is the cover of his first album which is my favorite. 
 To know more information about him I look at this web. Here you can find the tour dates of his concerts and old of his songs.
 And finally I leave the video for one of my favorite songs of Shawn Mendes.It is Stitches and this song is about heartbreak but has a lot of rhythm and you can even dance with your friends.This is the acoustic as it looks like it better than the original.


Ghost Town

Hello my name is María. Today, I'm going to talk about the new disc of my favorite group: Auryn
The name of the disc is Ghost Town and it has thirteen songs. It has eleven songs in English and two in Spanish.

In this disc there is an one song with an artist very famous that is Anastacia. The song is "Who's loving you".
The disc was on sale the fourth of december. That day, they signed in Madrid.
They went to many cities to sign their discs. I went the signative of Málaga.
In my opinion, my favorite song in English is "Footprint" and my favorite song in Spanish is "Solo un día".
The disc was gold disc in only five weeks. Personally, I like this disc and I hope they make more discs.
If you want to know, you can see here.
They first single of the disc was "Electric".

Pablo Alborán: A singer from Málaga

Hello I'm going to tell you about Pablo Alborán.
Here you can see a photo of him:

Pablo Alborán was born in Málaga on the 31st of May 1989.
He is a singer-songwriter and a musician Spanish. He has got four disc: the first is Pablo Alborán (2011), the second is Tanto (2012), the third is Tanto new edition (2013), and the last disc is Terral (2014).
Pablo Alborán has won the prize in 2016 for his song "Palmeras en la nieve".
He is my favourite singer because he sings very well.
If you want to know more, click here.
Here you can see a video of the winning song "Palmeras en la nieve".

Antonio José great artist

He has became a famous for a concurs show La Voz España. When he was a child his mother took him to shows, singing shows... Even EuroJunior that finished second. Alwais he has to been his mother the person that point to your son for a shows to succeed in the music. Now this very happy for a resullt. All thak you his mother. After winning the talent show.
Could film the one album for a songs. This new album it as been succees since winning.
For me Antonio José sings very very good and I love his voice singing. I would love to his go a concert and know him im person.
He sings flamenco and whith lots of art.
This web oficial is here.

 In his album are songs:
  1. Por si llegamos a tiempo
  2. Aquí estoy yo
  3. De que manera
  4. Vivir o morir 
  5. Somos
  6. Dime si serías capaz
  7. El perdón
  8. Ya lo sabes
  9. 90 minutos
  10. Aprendiz
The song that I like is:


lunes, 8 de febrero de 2016

A great artist called Edurne

Hello!!! I´m Sofia and I´m going to show you my music proyect.
My proyect  is about Edurne.
Edurne was born in Madrid on the 22nd of December 1985.
She was the finalist in the talent show called Operacion Triunfo in 2005, and in 2014 she won another talent show called Tu cara me suena, with the 60% of votes.
And in 2015, she participated in Eurovision, but she didn´t win.
She is my favourite singer, because she sing very good and I love her songs.
I discovered her when she participated in Tu cara me suena and she was my favourite person in the programme.
My favourite song is Basta. This song is in her sixth album. 
If you want to know more, please click here.
Here, you can see a photo of her.

And here you can see a video of ``Basta´´

Goodbye and see you in another proyect!!!!!