domingo, 14 de febrero de 2016

The Latin Americans Gente De Zona

Hello my name is Carlos. And I will go to speak on Gente De Zona.
Gente De Zona are a group formed by Alexander Delgado and Jacob Forever.
The song with more success for me I believe that it is La Gozadera because I arouse excitement all the Latin Americans naming to everything the countries of South America.
Here I leave the song to you be if you like.

The song La Gozadera also sings it Marc Anthony who is an American singer who is very famous in
its fatherland Puerto Rico.
Marc Anthony also another song with the Gente De Zona is called to fact a Traidora to bulging does very little.
I have chosen this song because I like its songs and as they sing.
Here I leave a link for you can learn more about Gente de Zona and Marc Anthony.

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