sábado, 13 de febrero de 2016

Antonio José great artist

He has became a famous for a concurs show La Voz España. When he was a child his mother took him to shows, singing shows... Even EuroJunior that finished second. Alwais he has to been his mother the person that point to your son for a shows to succeed in the music. Now this very happy for a resullt. All thak you his mother. After winning the talent show.
Could film the one album for a songs. This new album it as been succees since winning.
For me Antonio José sings very very good and I love his voice singing. I would love to his go a concert and know him im person.
He sings flamenco and whith lots of art.
This web oficial is here.

 In his album are songs:
  1. Por si llegamos a tiempo
  2. Aquí estoy yo
  3. De que manera
  4. Vivir o morir 
  5. Somos
  6. Dime si serías capaz
  7. El perdón
  8. Ya lo sabes
  9. 90 minutos
  10. Aprendiz
The song that I like is:


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