jueves, 18 de febrero de 2016

A great singer, David Bustamante

Hello! I´m Elisabeth and I´m going to talk about David Bustamante Hoyos. He was born in Cantabria the 25 of March in 1982.
He is a pop singer, his first show was when he has twelve years old. He participed in Operación Triunfo,  he was finalist. In 2002 he was candidate  for Eurovisión. He was participated in many televisión programmes.
He has got eight albums: Bustamante in 2002, Así soy yo in 2003, Caricias al alma in 2005, Pentimiento in 2006, Al filo de la irrealidad in 2007, A contra corriente in 2010, Mío in 2011 and Vivir in 2014.
In 2015 he had a tour for all Spain. Now he is  recording his new album.
Here you have a picture of him.

He is one of my favourites singers. My favourite song for his is Dos hombres y un destino,  that sings wiht Àlex Casademunt in 2002. This song is from his first álbum. Bustamante. My opinion is that Bustamante is a great  Singer and have got a beautiful voice. 
Here you have my favourite song.

If you want to know, you can see here.
I hope you liked it a lot!

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