lunes, 8 de febrero de 2016

A great artist called Edurne

Hello!!! I´m Sofia and I´m going to show you my music proyect.
My proyect  is about Edurne.
Edurne was born in Madrid on the 22nd of December 1985.
She was the finalist in the talent show called Operacion Triunfo in 2005, and in 2014 she won another talent show called Tu cara me suena, with the 60% of votes.
And in 2015, she participated in Eurovision, but she didn´t win.
She is my favourite singer, because she sing very good and I love her songs.
I discovered her when she participated in Tu cara me suena and she was my favourite person in the programme.
My favourite song is Basta. This song is in her sixth album. 
If you want to know more, please click here.
Here, you can see a photo of her.

And here you can see a video of ``Basta´´

Goodbye and see you in another proyect!!!!! 

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